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Current Affairs

Will the immigrant vote risk it all for Trump? – The Spectator

How social media won the day for the Donald – The Spectator

The Corbyn detente is coming – The Spectator

Jeremy Corbyn has decided to campaign like New Labour – The Spectator

Have today’s politicians killed political satire? – New Statesman

Does Corbyn care about cannabis? – VolteFace

‘How the Oxford Union lost its way’- Prospect

Oxford Union scandal piece for


In defence of Sam Allardyce – The Spectator

Leicester City’s title win is the worst thing to ever happen to football – The Spectator

West Ham fans, don’t despair! A club isn’t defined by its stadium – The Spectator

Sam Allardyce is to football what Theresa May is to politics – The Spectator

Fifa’s expansion of the World Cup is a disaster for fans – The Spectator

The FA’s annus horribilis is about to get even worse – The Spectator

The return of football marks the return of normality – The Spectator

Transfer deadline day is a countdown to zero and that’s what makes it great – The Spectator

The Ryder Cup is Europe’s sports project and it’s feeling the friction – The Spectator

Discussing Leicester’s title in on The Spectator Podcast

‘Should we worry about our lack of international players?’ – Knees Up Mother Brown

Charlie Austin: A gamble too far? – 10 at the Back

Pep and Jose: Controlling the doctors – 10 at the Back

Show Me The Money: Why don’t we trust developing markets? – 10 at the Back

Football League Preview –


The Sad Decline of the London Trocadero for VICE

Scientology is Never Going to Crack the UK for VICE

Trying to Make a Short Film in 48 Hours Made Me Feel Like an Idiot for VICE

Black Friday Footage Is Basically Poverty Porn for VICE

The UK Has A Brand-New Cannabis Political Party, And I Went To The Launch for VICE

How to Treat the Homeless: Tips from Actual Homeless People for VICE

What Happens to Child Geniuses After They Grow Up? for VICE

London, This Is What’s Actually In Your ‘Deadly’ Air for VICE



OUP and the Marlowe truthers are pandering to the lowest form of Shakespeare populism – The Spectator

We should celebrate the Killer Clowns – The Spectator

A half decade of total secrecy: how I became a Harry Potter webmaster for New Statesman

The Clapper Bored- all reviews and features by me, unless otherwise stated

Drive review for

Girls review for

Numerous other pieces for



P.D. James

Jack Gleeson

Jack Gleeson, translated into Norwegian!

Alejandro Bruegues

Pat Higgins

Bob Baker



A monthly column, called ‘Quad Talk’, for The Oxford Times

Blog on student experience, called The Anglo-Saxon Diet