I sometimes make movies. I sometimes write movies. Sometimes I do both!


My current project is a web-comedy called Spads. You can watch all the episodes, as they’re released, at spads.co.uk or start by watching Episode One, below.


Here’s the trailer for my first feature film, ‘The Flight of the Flamingo’.


And, if you’ve got more time on your hands, here’s the whole finished feature film for free!

Here’s the first episode of a web-series I’ve been working on called The Magic Circle. There are another two episodes so far, if you keep clicking through.

This is a recent film for the Labour party, featuring Eddie Izzard!

Here’s a short film I wrote and directed called ‘Woolies’.

Here’s a short film I wrote called ‘Sophie’.

Here’s a short film I wrote called ‘The Hot Rod’.

Here’s a feature I produced about Peter York, author of the Sloane Ranger Handbook, for Prospect magazine.

And another piece for Prospect, an audio feature with James Harkin.

A couple more films for the Labour party.

A short film, Open Wide, made for the London 48-Hour Film Challenge.


There are other things lurking here and there on the internetz. Please feel free to snoop about and find stuff.