Hi, my name’s Nick.

I’m a writer and broadcaster (but not on camera, I don’t have the face).

I am currently Broadcast Producer at The Spectator.

I’ve been writing for, and editing, The Clapper Bored since 2009, though it is currently on hiatus whilst I work on other projects. When I’m not bitching about movies, I was a student at the University of Oxford and talked, incessantly, about that experience on The Anglo-Saxon Diet. At Uni I was also Editor of Cherwell, Oxford University’s top student newspaper. Additionally, I wrote a monthly column for The Oxford Times about being a student. Having graduated from Oxford, I now write a blog,, about life after university. I produce and co-host a podcast called Bean and Gone, which reviews coffee shops around London. I’ve written freelance for various publications, including VICE, New Statesman, Spectator and Prospect.

I am also a filmmaker (shock horror) who has made a bunch of short films and my first feature, The Flight of the Flamingo, in 2012. As a screenwriter, I have had scripts developed and produced in both the UK and the US.  Yeah, I like to keep myself busy. Since 2015 I have worked primarily on web-series: the first, The Magic Circle, was a comedy about adult Harry Potter fans, and, more recently, I’ve been releasing Spadsa political satire. Spads has been featured in the Evening Standard, New Statesman and on BBC Radio 5Live.

I founded and run Establishing Shots, a London filmmaking collaborative and meet-up group with hundreds of members. Do check us out and get involved!

If you’ve got any general questions, queries, desires, dilemmas…etc, then just drop me an email at or click here.

Additionally, that’s the place you should email me if you want to commission any sort of writing or film work. I like to get paid for things but, at the same time, I am always willing to get involved in a good project for free.

Beggars can’t be choosers, right?